247exchange.com: licensed cryptocurrency exchanger. Credit/debit cards accepted!

Dear friends and colleagues,
We’re happy to represent you the licensed cryptocurrency exchanger www.247exchange.com. Our mission is to create the easiest and the most affordable way to buy/sell/exchange cryptocurrencies for people all around the world. We accept: credit and debit cards, bank wire, SEPA transfer, local bank transfer, cash deposit, e-wallets, etc.
We work with Peercoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin - more coming soon.

Our major advantages are:

[ul][li]Licensed financial activity and secure service;[/li]
[li]Offering instant payment methods. Credit, debit cards accepted![/li]
[li]24/7/365 online client support;[/li]
[li]A flexible tariff system;[/li]
[li]Working with the major world currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, etc). Having local payment options for different countries and regions;[/li]
[li]An advanced help system, a detailed knowledgebase and loyal support;[/li]
[li]And many others![/li][/ul]

Here is an interview with our CEO published on CoinTelegraph in October, 2014:

You’re welcome to place your orders!
Also, we ask you to participate in our polls, it will help us to choose which e-currencies and payment systems should be added in the future: https://www.247exchange.com/polls

Very nice. Your exchange is added to: http://peercoin.net/exchanges

Yeah, we saw, thanks! Soon we’ll add the option of withdrawing Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies to credit/debit cards.

Dear customers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you success in the upcoming year and more and more Peercoins :slight_smile: We’re preparing some pleasant surprises for you. Next year, starting from January, our service will introduce new useful features and more payment/withdrawal options for your convenience.
And right now please take our little gift - 50% discount from our fee for orders of all types (buy, sell, exchange), all payment/withdrawal methods and all cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin)! Check our accounts in social networks for the discount code which you’re welcome to use while submitting your order. Kindly follow us in Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and tell your friends about our service! This code is valid from today, 24th of December, 2014 to 2nd of January, 2015.
Also, please notice that from 1th to 4th of January there might be short delays in replying to tickets and verification process. Happy holidays!

Our exchange service 247exchange added support of credit and debit cards as a convenient withdrawal method. That makes shopping with Peercoin much easier.
This exclusive feature is really universal. It’s connected to both Visa and MasterCard providers. Cards of different types, including the prepaid ones, supported. The user can also choose the currency.
It’s always been a headache for everyone to exchange his peercoins to fiat money with minimal losses. If you look at the market, you’ll see that only few companies offer such service as withdrawing cryptocurrencies to cards. Maybe we’re not the pioneers, but we’re among the first ones. With our service cryptocurrencies becomes one step closer to real money. It’s never been so easy to transform cryptos into usd, euro or another fiat currency”, Alexey Maximenko, CEO of InterMoney Exchange, says.
In fact, the innovation of 247exchange allows not only to convert Peercoin to fiat money easily, but also to pay the bills (including utility ones) with peercoins. Other useful options are that you can pay for your loans with Peercoin and transfer money to friends and relatives. All you need for this - just sell your peercoins and get money to your credit card.
All goods and services that could be purchased only with USD, EUR, etc can now be bought with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin). The Peercoin user can now make online and offline purchases with his favourite card in different parts of the world even if he doesn’t have a bank account. And also he can receive cash in over 3 million ATMs around the globe. It’s extremely actual for developing countries and regions.
Moreover, for small and medium amounts the fees will be less than in case of using bank wire transfer as a withdrawal instrument. This feature will be convenient for miners, traders, freelancers and everyone else who regularly withdraws such amounts of Peercoin (for example, his profit) for his current needs and expenses.
To withdraw peercoins or another cryptocurrency to credit/debit card, please submit a sell order at http://www.247exchange.com/sell initiating verification process. Our 24/7 support is always eager to assist the customer in live chat or by phone.

Spanish version of 247exchange.com has launched! La versión española de 247exchange.com está lanzada! http://247exchange.com/es/news/view?id=54

Our cryptocurrency exchange service 247exchange.com and our partner MoneyPolo™, large money transfer network, represent an innovative instant method of purchasing and withdrawing Peercoin - using express money transfers. The feature is available at more than 400,000 locations (including banks, post offices, shops, stores, money exchangers and so on) in about 130 countries. Having a bank account or credit/debit card is not necessary.

All that is required is cash, ID and a visit to one of almost half a million branches around the world to send an immediate transfer. Transforming cash into peercoin and vice versa has never been so easy and fast!

Our global aim is to make cryptocurrencies closer to average people, and cooperation with MoneyPolo™ makes a huge step on this way. It also seems like a perfect solution for buying/selling cryptos for unbanked users and especially for people from developing countries having less local direct banking options. Speaking in general, our team is working hard to make the whole process as easy, as topping up the mobile phone balance. This is a challenge, but we believe we can make it!”, Anton Vereshchagin, the founder, declares.

At the end of 2014 we integrated credit and debit cards support as an immediate method of buying bitcoin & altcoins. However, until now we haven’t had instant withdrawal methods (and there are not so many exchange services in the world who offers it). Judging by the feedback from our customers, they really missed such option. As a client oriented company we simply can’t ignore that. Then we contacted MoneyPolo and made this promising partnership. I believe it’s a real breakthrough in the whole cryptocurrency exchange business discovering the new opportunities for the users all over the globe”, Alexey Maximenko, CEO, adds.

About MoneyPolo™

MoneyPolo™ is a registered trademark for Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. Since the company started its operations in 2009 it has been providing payment solutions, prepaid cards, foreign exchange operations for customer accounts as well as cash money transfers. MoneyPolo has customer branches in the UK, the Czech Republic, Mongolia and Philippines, while its partner offices spread throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America. Africa and CIS countries. MoneyPolo is constantly increasing the availability of its services and expanding its wide network of more than 400,000 own and partner branches.

How it works

To purchase Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin) via an urgent money transfer, you should submit a buy order. The list of available agents to send cash from will be indicated (for certain money transfer systems it is also possible to send money online). Peercoins will be sent to the specified address just a few minutes after the transfer has been made.

To withdraw Peercoin and other cryptos using an urgent money transfer, you should place a sell order choosing the nearest agent to receive fiat money from. The funds will be available for picking up in just few minutes. You can also transfer money to your relatives and close ones this way. In both cases you can choose the currency. 24/7 support is always ready to help you. Detailed instructions are also provided for your maximum convenience.

Extremely hot offer! Till 15th of May we don’t take our fee for buying and selling cryptocurrencies (‪‎Bitcoin‬, ‎Litecoin‬, ‎Namecoin‬, ‎Peercoin‬) via instant money transfers!

Our service 247exchange.com has been reviewed by cointelegraph.com. You can read a review here.

Dear European customers! Because of the latest events in Greece we give you 30% ‪discount‬ on buying Peercoin‬, ‪‎Bitcoin‬, ‪‎Litecoin‬, ‎Namecoin‬, if you pay with EURO currency. Here is discount code: D9859926199. You can use it here. It will be active till July, 20. It’s a perfect time to invest in cryptocurrencies!

Dear friends! We launched the affiliate program and we invite you to participate in it! It allows you to earn peercoins attracting new customers. All you need to do is to refer your acquaintances, friends or colleagues to our website. We have one of the most profitable and convenient affiliate programs on the cryptocurrency market! It has two levels and it’s easy-to-use. Start earning ‪‎Peercoin today with our profitable affiliate program! Details here.

If you do that with Nubits, it will be a killer solution for liquidity drought in Greece as Nubits has very little volatility with respect to Euro (PPC. LTC even BTCs are getting expensive by the day) and there is a mobile phone wallet for it.

Our cryptocurrency exchange service 247exchange.com has offered the fastest growing and highest limits for credit/debit card purchases on the market. In addition we have made the whole buying process as easy as possible. Purchasing various amounts of Peercoin now can be done in just few clicks!

Our service made it extremely easy to purchase peercoins with credit or debit cards of different types. Now your limits rise faster and maximal buying amounts are higher. Even rather big quantities of “coins” can be bought without any delays and difficulties.

For example, earlier it took over two months to get $250/day limit, but now - only one. We also integrated the “custom limits” option for the most trusted clients, so, if you need an increase – you just make a request and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Also, we made the interface improvements aiming to provide you the maximal convenience. We modified the whole procedure of limit calculation making it easier to understand. We also added the information about your current limits to “My cards” section and added reminders about availability of a new level.

We would like to remind that Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro credit and debit cards (including prepaid ones) are accepted. Payments can be done in different currencies. Moreover, our staff continues to work on optimizing verification process and expanding the list of accepted card providers.

We integrated the feature of instant buying Peercoin with credit/debit cards in the end of 2014. It quickly became demanded, but, judging by the comments, the process seemed little complicated for our clients. We studied all your feedback and decided to make some upgrades, because we take care of our customers. So, we made limits bigger due to your numerous requests. As a result, now we have the fastest growing and highest card purchase limits on the whole market.

To purchase Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin) via credit or debit card, you should submit a buy order. “Coins” will be sent instantly after you pay your order with your card.

Dear customers from Czech Republic, we’re glad to offer you the local bank transfer option in CZK currency. Buy and sell Peercoin, Bitcoin and other cryptos without currency conversion! Depending on sending time such kind of transfer arrives the same or next business day (so, it’s much faster than international bank transfer!). To use it, please submit a buy or sell order (depending on what transaction you need), choose Czech Republic as you country and Bank Transfer (CZK) as a payment method. Using this local payment method will save your time and money.

Also, we would like to remind you that for instant buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Czech Republic you can use Express Cash Transfer feature to receive/send cash in MoneyPolo branches. Choose what is more convenient for you personally!

Dear customers! We made our withdrawal rates better! Now you’ll get more money selling Peercoin, Bitcoin and other cryptos on our website 247exchange.com! Check it yourself here! You can withdraw cryptocurrency using credit/debit card, international or local bank transfer, instant money transfer at 400 000 locations worldwide, etc. You can pay bills or send cash to your relatives and closed ones.

Our cryptocurrency exchange 247exchange.com expands to Canada. As a result, the Canadian users can buy and sell Peercoin without spending much money and time. Purchasing cryptocurrencies with CAD is an extremely easy thing now.

Cooperation with Vogogo payment processor makes it possible to buy Peercoin in a way which is very familiar to every Canadian citizen. Such popular local options as Interac ® Online and direct debit (EFT/eCheck) are accepted. Having an account at any Canadian bank is enough to start with.

Another strong feature of the service is that the user can buy Peercoin directly from his credit or debit card online. But it’s also OK if the customer doesn’t have a bank account or card. The partnership with MoneyPolo allows to buy/sell Peercoins with cash instantly across the country. So, our team cares of all categories of users.

Those who want to withdraw “coins” may use a credit/debit card, direct debit, instant money transfer or SWIFT transfer. Cashing-out can be made to any bank account in Canada.

We are very excited to spread our activity to Canadian market. Certainly it will be one of the most important directions for us. Cryptousers in Canada, especially the newbies, need easy, safe and instant way to convert CAD to crypto and vice versa. We are proud to provide them such opportunity”, Anton Vereshchagin, founder, says.

We spent a lot of time tesing it all and would like to thank people who participated in these tests. We’re now ready to provide a unique service in Canada with many hot features. Moreover, our staff is working hard to make it more and more comfortable for you.

Dear clients, we have increased the maximum credit/debit cards purchasing limits for you. Now it’s $1000 daily and $10 000 monthly. So, if you’re the regular customer, you can instantly buy more Peercoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with your card. You can read about these limits here. You can also ask for any custom limit you wish!

We plan to make the maximum credit/debit cards limits even bigger very soon. Check our updates to stay informed!