200 PPC bounty for OS X builds

Peerunity and Peershares are offering a 200 PPC bounty to fix the OS X build. Please view details here:


I’ll be dusting off my old MAC to see if I can help with this tonight :slight_smile:

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you might be too late for the Peercoin client (which I consider under these circumstances good :wink: ):

But the Peershares client and the Peerunity client might be left…

edit: I just read Ben’s post to the end. It seems that bitpar’s version doesn’t meet the requirements for the bounty. At least you now have hint where to start :slight_smile:

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I posted builds of Peercoin and Peerunity. I have written up full instructions for building the clients on Mac OS X 10.8.5. I tested them from a new VM instance to ensure they work. Is this enough to get the bounty? I can make a fork on github and submit my instructions as a pull request. I tried on 10.9 but I ran into several issues, mostly related to the Boost libraries. I made notes on the problems and tried a few fixes but I could not get it going as of yet, the newest version of clang in the recent Xcode update prevents the stable release of Boost from compiling and even though I manually applied patches to get it to compile, I still ran into issues.

I just built a working ppcoind on Mac OS X 10.9. Working on Qt now.

Finally built Qt on 10.9. That was brutal. Now to figure out what I actually did and document it.

Awesome to hear, Bitpar. You got farther than I did.

I expect that your completed instructions will help a lot of people across a lot of cryptocurrency communities, not just Peercoin’s.

bitpar, this is an impressive performance! I take my hat off to you!

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Thanks, I tested my 10.9 build on a clean OS X 10.8.5 with no development tools and it works. I realized I accidentally the Peercoin builds on reddit as Debug instead of Release. Should not make much of a difference other than a slightly bigger file size. I have written up the MacPorts guide, working on the Homebrew one now.

do you run on vmware or virtualbox, or something else? i tried creating an OSX VM in hyper-v and failed (of course)

VMware Fusion, it has driver support for 10.8 and 10.9.

Submitted pull request. https://github.com/Peerunity/Peerunity/pull/36

I would like pull requests against Peershares and PPCoin for the full bounty (as stated in the link in my OP). If that happens and Ben confirms that it works for our needs then you will receive the full 200 PPC bounty.

Peershares: https://github.com/Peershares/Peershares/issues/120
PPCoin: https://github.com/ppcoin/ppcoin/issues/62

Peershares: https://github.com/Peershares/Peershares/issues/120
PPCoin: https://github.com/ppcoin/ppcoin/issues/62[/quote]

Thank you bitpar. Your work is much appreciated. As soon as Ben confirms it meets our needs I will release 200 PPC to you through Peer4Commit.

How do I get the Peer4Commit bounty?

Sorry for the delay. There was a bug preventing the release of funds which is now fixed. I just released 210 PPC to you through Peer4commit. Log in to Peer4commit using your GitHub account to claim it.

Thank you for your help!