1st Crypto-currency exchange platform in Switzerland is now open


We are proud to announce the opening of the 1st regulated crypto-currency exchange platform in Switzerland.
We invite all of you to register and to join our community at


eCUREX is Switzerland’s first online electronic currency broker incorporated in January 2014. Its headquarters are located in Zurich (Switzerland).

Based in Switzerland, we assign great importance to individual rights and therefore apply strict professional ethics.
eCUREX is compliant with the Swiss Federal Act on combating money laundering and terrorist financing in the financial sector and it is also complaint with the Banking Act. In the United States, eCUREX is also registered in the BSA-Filling System as Money Service Business.

All operations on eCUREX are secured through a combined use of cold storage wallets and high end to end encryption.


First Phase: Crypto-to-Crypto trade (C2C)

During the last year, a profusion of crypto-currencies has emerged; and the quantity continues to grow up to date. In eCUREX, we have chosen a selected group of crypto-currencies for trading. Each one, when introduced, had some characteristic(s) which made them unique. In several cases, these ideas were also used – rightfully – in other crypto-currencies, profiting of the open-source nature of these projects.

In this initial stage we allow users to trade in a real-time 7 crypto currency pairs:

Bitcoin / Litecoin, Bitcoin / Primecoin, Bitcoin / [b]Peercoin[/b], Bitcoin / Namecoin
Litecoin / Primecoin, Litecoin / [b]Peercoin[/b], Litecoin / Namecoin

The decision to stick to this reduced subset of crypto-currencies is not a technical limitation, but the outcome of an analysis of their unique features and strengths. As such, we do not plan to extend arbitrarily this list, even though it may be modified in the future, depending on the changing landscape of crytpo-currencies.

Second Phase. Crypto-to-Fiat trade (C2F)

In the next months we will extend our service also to C2F real time trade between:

CHF / Bitcoin, CHF / Litecoin
EUR / Bitcoin, EUR / Litecoin
USD / Bitcoin, USD / Litecoin
GBP / Bitcoin, GBP / Litecoin

We wish you an exiting experience with our premier web-trading platform!