15 ppc plus $100 paypal bounty to set up a mining pool at peercoinpool.org

Retracted./end of bounty. Godaddy has no tools whatsoever and I caved. Sorry I wasted everyone’s time. :frowning:

Do you have code for a pool written or that is what you are after help with?

What is your background? are you a developer programmer?

I have a pool here http://fuzzypool.org/pool/ it is not fully opperational yet as I do not have the time to run support and debug the setup and testing fully. But most importantly I don’t yet have the time to offer 24/7 pool support.

I was given the code for the pool. Once I had it up and running and tested I was going to confirm with the original code writer that they were happy for me to open source the pool code. But i refer you to the comment I hear every time someone asks for help setting up a pool… “If you have to ask, you should not be doing it”

Think about it this way… as soon as people start mining on your pool to help you test they are investing their money into your system… if there is a bug with the pool and it does not pay out you either have to pay out of your own pocket for miners losses… (trust this gets expensive 2.5btc cost me last time at $1000 btc prices) or don’t pay miners and do not expect them to test your pool or help you out again!

just my 2 PPC… But pools is something we do need to address and I just need to get a few weeks off to work on it.


I’ve been trying to adapt eloipool for my website with no luck. Godaddy won’t even let me execute a shell script. Any help greatly appreciated and of course the bounty. Thanks fuzzybear.

ok yeah u need a proper VPS not just a hosting company for starters… most shared servers will not let u run a blockchain client o the server and that just stops everything… also it uses a fair amount of resources ram traffic etc so need to be a dedicated serve… kk eloipool is a good place to start but will be a test of ur coding ability to change it as needed… spin up a digital ocean droplet for $5 and have a play on there if u an experienced linux user would be my advice… u’ll pay like $5 for the month or so but only pay for when it on… so if it becomes nothing u shut down the droplet and pay no more :slight_smile:

might have fixed internet when i get home though probably not… if it is then i can start work on more items when i get home pool is one of these


Hey fuzzy, are you sure he won’t open source the code? I’m not having fun at all lol. :frowning: I already have the account ready over at godaddy along with domain registration etc. Is there anyone that will accept this bounty? I also have around 150$ over at paypal but it’s ebay related and won’t be available for another 21 days. Around 15 ppc is all I have until that paypal account is fully funded.

I would be willing to put the ppc in fuzzy’s escrow if someone is interested. Paypal will have to wait until funds have cleared.

I am retracting this bounty. Admin please close the thread.