10th Year Anniversary Peercoin eBook/Paperback/Hardcover Educational + History Book

Hello Peercoiners,

Next year, the Peercoin blockchain will celebrate its tenth anniversary. I propose to write a lengthy and comprehensive book covering Peercoin’s history from August 2012 to August 2022. Unlike the two previous books (published in May 2015 and April 2019), I would like to include educational sections within the book. I expect such a book (A4 pages) to have a 300-400 page count.

I envisage the write-up to be a time consuming and energy intensive endeavour (full-time) for the next 9-11 months. I seek financial support from the Peercoin Foundation and community to give me ample time to complete it before August 2022.

Initial Fee: 6315 PPC (approx 0.1 BTC)

Looking forward to creating something really special for the community!

(eBook, paperback and hardcover versions will be published on 19th August 2022)


Peercoin community members who would like to contribute to the initial fund amount:

PPC address: PQAkw6Nce1Rde4HWqxBk1ZhRFsqEUh8avi


Hello Peercoiners,

Who has thoughts and ideas on the initial post? I am willingly to write an updated Peercoin history book (2012-2021) this year if the Peercoin team and community will support me.

Here is the recently completed DigiByte history book:


I look forward to what the Peercoin community thinks about it.


How many more peercoins do you need to go write your book?

Thank you for your response,

I still seek the initial fee to cover the cost and time it will take to write it. Any help towards it will be much appreciated. I pour my heart and soul into the crypto books I write.

(only received 10 PPC so far)