104 Meals for the Homeless, Bought with Peercoin

Just wanted everyone here to know.

With the generous outcrop of support we have received, we are able to cover the costs of delivering 104 sack lunches to the homeless in our area. Thank you all so much. We are so grateful for your support.

Much Love,

Jason King
Sean’s Outpost


Awesome :smiley: over 100 meals

Come on PPC holders… dig into your pockets and buy someone a meal!


Someone should post this to www.reddit.com under r/ppcoin
This is just like the top reddit post in r/bitcoin.

[quote=“coolbeans94, post:3, topic:350”]Someone should post this to www.reddit.com under r/ppcoin
This is just like the top reddit post in r/bitcoin.[/quote]
Done :slight_smile:

This is great. We had a similar fund raising with btc in Buenos Aires…people auctioned btc and payed for donations to the victims of a flood with the money received for the coins.

I’m not sure how this fits here? Payday loans? personal loans? I’m not sure you grasp the gravity of this thread my friend.

On another note. Great job with the lunches guys!

I work with (Not for) Northern Food Bank of Illinois. We’ve managed to help them establish connections with Wal-Mart, as a HUGE example. I know…I know. Everyone hates that place, but instead of them throwing out dented tins and usable foods we were able to persuade them to donate things that are still quite edible.

Last year was our first full year with talking about the program and getting tons of folks on board. We were able to secure over 120,000lbs of food in a small area because stores were generous instead of wasting lightly damaged containers (dented tins, ripped boxes with inner packaging that was still completely sealed) We do not request expired foods EVER.

It’s a great feeling knowing you can get people to work with you. I have no time since I work so much, but I manage to squeak a few hours in for Volunteering once in awhile. And I gotta say Northern Food Bank was happy to earn the “accounts” to help their needy folks out there.

Keep up the good work!

Happy to hear that crypto currency is a great tool for a good cause. Who would have thought that BTC or PPC donations will aid non-organizations programs?