0.3.1 (eventually 0.4) RPC console needs patch

Patch 1e5a015 broke the sendmany functionality for windows by changing the syntax The Linux style syntax now works for windows instead. There needs to be some sort of documentation for anyone working on windows applications

From windows cmd try

ppcoind sendmany “[insert testnet account label]” {"""[insert testnet address]""":1.00,"""[insert testnet address]""":5.75,"""[insert testnet address]""":0.25}

0.3.0 works fine

0.4 “error type mismatch”
ppcoind sendmany ‘[insert testnet account label]’ ‘{"[insert testnet account address]":1,"[insert testnet account addressl]":1}’

0.3.0 “error type mismatch”

0.4 works fine

I’ve build 0.4 on both 1) a windows 7 machine using mingw, and 2) through gitian on ubuntu 12.04. to confirm this change persists for both styles of building.

I cannot confirm it on linux

ppcoind -testnet sendmany '' '{"n3f6fwi9XyuDjPiLRoemkMC9vKnbM8TsmZ":1,"muq8cD1LUjSWS4oD5pDCmwNCUcBgUTP91L":1}'

works fine on HEAD and 1e5a015 build

KAC that linux style syntax produced type mismatch in 0.3. So the syntax has been changed for 0.4 in a way that breaks windows previous applications. Would have been nice to have had an announcement