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This category is a place to discuss Peercoin RFC proposals. Only administrators are allowed to open new topics, following RFCs posted on Peercoin github.

[RFC-0006] Remove Proof-of-Work Block Signature (7)
Fixing transaction malleability on peercoin ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) (137)
[RFC-0011] PoS inflation adjustment ( 2 ) (26)
[RFC-0008] Increase OP_RETURN size limit (2)
[RFC-0007] Round Transaction Fees Up To 0.001 (3)
[RFC-0005] Unspendable Zero Outputs (3)
[DRAFT][PA RFC-0009] PeerAssets Data Audit Protocol (6)
[PA RFC-0008] PERISH issue mode (5)
[RFC-0004] Remove Transaction Timestamp (16)
Get involved with the next major release of Peercoin, v0.7! We’ve opened discussion on all seven of our active RFCs. Feel free to contribute during the review process (3)
Modifying the economics of Peercoin in anticipation of increased blockchain usage ( 2 3 ) (47)
Minter Budget: Optimizing Merging/Splitting of Outputs in RFC0002 (5)
[PA RFC-0006] Deck native fee (3)
Peercoin projects now uses RFC format for protocol improvement proposals (6)
[PA RFC-0005] PeerAssets on-chain voting protocol specification (2)
Peercoin blocks on steriods (4)
[PA RFC-0003] PeerAssets Alias/Proof-of-identity protocol ( 2 ) (30)
[RFC-0001] Stabilizing PoS block spacing (6)